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I took up diving as a hobby. But…

Being a freelance director and designer, my life was all about the passion for my work. So my friends advised me to take up a hobby that had nothing to do with work.

Diving was an easy choice. I’m constantly astounded by nature, and with 71% of out planet covered in water, there was an endless world to explore. Alright then! Hobby chosen!

It didn’t go that way. At my fifth dive, I borrowed my instructor’s underwater camera. Being used to see life through a lens, I felt like an infant holding his teddybear?

Since then, I’ve been diving around the world, capturing this universe inch by inch, or teaching fellow divers how to make and edit underwater photos.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and look at my work. If you see anything to your liking, there are limited edition prints or licenses available on the website. Or check the workshop tab to see if any courses are coming up.

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