Interesting links

Interesting links

Disclaimer: I do not receive any form of compensation for adding these links. All links are added out of my own personal interest.

Logo Dive Hpoto Guide



An excellent recourse for all things related to underwater photography. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a pro, the numerous pdf courses, tips, gear reviews or and contests are a great way to dive into underwater photography.



I’m a member of CMAS, The World Underwater Federation which was founded in 1959 and currently has over 130 federations in 5 continents.

The CMAS federation I’m a member of is called Nelos.

Coral Reef Alliance


This NGO dedicates itself to protecting and restoring the coral reefs around the world. Although form are only a small percentage of the world’s seas, coral reefs are vital to all marine life. Whether as nurseries, of as prey for other fish which we in turn eat.

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